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Good Old Potosi

  Good Old Potosi - Golden Ale
   Clean, smooth, crisp, and mellow.  Light body, sweet finish
   ABV -  4.5% IBU's - 15


Potosi Light

   Potosi Light - Light Lager 
    Crisp, light, refreshing, lower calorie (103 cal.) beer
    ABV - 3.8%    IBU - 10


Snake Hollow

   Snake Hollow - India Pale Ale (IPA)
    Medium body, citrus and pine aroma, hints of grapefruit, bitter finish.  
    ABV - 6.5%     IBU's - 65   


Czech Pilsner

   Potosi Pilsner - Czech Style Pislner
    Light body, mild to medium bitter flavor, crisp finish  
    ABV -  5.5% IBU"s - 27


Cave Ale

  Cave Ale - Amber 
   Medium bodied ale with caramel aroma and flavor
   ABV - 5.5% IBU's - 15




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